What we do

Hi there we are StarMakerFX, and we paint Cosmic Star Murals.

StarMakerFX came about from when I was creating these amazing star ceilings for family and friends back in the late 90's. Then it was not as spectacular as the ceilings we create now. We only had 2- 3 colors to work with. Now we have created a full range of 8 colors of Glow in the Dark paint that is virtually invisible during the day and in the Dark GLOWS. Each one of our murals is hand painted so no two ceilings are the same.

We like to give back and have found that these cosmic star ceilings that we create help in someway either the family or those they are intended for.

Please look through our pages and blogs as well as checking out all our images and videos we have created over the years.


Why we do what we do !

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How we do what we do!

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Work team

Theresa Maria

Theresa Maria

Hi there, my name is Theresa, founder of StarMakerFX.

Our mission


It's simple really..

"Every child deserves a little piece of HEAVEN".

We will do our best to make our mission a reality, your help just makes it easier.

Our values

We Care

It doesn't matter who you are, we are all the same at heart. Being able to give a smile or an hour of "Me" time means everything.


Fancy Creating a Cosmic Star Ceiling?

Check out how you can become a Star Ceiling Artist , run your own business and give back..

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