Gareth’s Room

We were part sponsored by a family in Wales, GB to create a cosmic star ceiling and a couple of large murals for a young boy called Gareth,the rest of the ceiling donate was given by Glomania. He is such a loving and happy young man that I grew very fond of over the time we spent together.

We had asked Gareth what he wanted, and with a cheeky smile we were read a list ” a Welsh flag in his room and a Cosmic star ceiling as well as a 25ft wide x 12 ft high wall painted. His favorite characters were the Simpsons” and as this was the main play room for him and his sisters we could not let them down.


Because of the size of this project we took 2 other team members who we had trained to create these cosmic star ceilings down to their house. We spent 7 days working on all the rooms, but so as not to make his siblings feel left out we painted their ceilings too.


The Flag was not so difficult to produce however the main play room took what seemed like forever to complete.



We Created two cosmic ceilings, one for Gareth and one for his sisters as they shared the same room together.



So we had finished the ceilings and were coming back the following day to make sure everything was finished off and tidy. As we were driving up the drive Gareth’s mother came running out to meet us. I honestly thought we had done something wrong or Gareth was not happy, but that was far from the truth. Gareth’s mum, ever since he was a small child was woken up at least 8-10 times a night due to Gareth’s condition and medication he had to take. But last night was the first night he had spent in his room and his mother became very concerned that he had NOT called out to her. On entering his room she found him fast a sleep for the first time in years. This makes my dreams a reality.

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