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Fascinating Facts I Guess You Never Knew About Nfl Jerseys
Fascinating Facts I Guess You Never Knew About Nfl Jerseys
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On the Third Weekday Race Preview: Green Bay Packaging Work VS New Orleans Saint



The New Orleans Saints ushered in the third consecutive focus, this time their opponent is green bay packaging. Since the sixteenth week of 1995, the package has never defeated the Saints on the scene, and the Saints of this game are also optimistic. But in fact, the package is more excellent in the state of this season. Will two teams known for the excellent offensive group bring us a wonderful battle?





Steelman announced that the armor Antonio Brown determines that this game will be absent. Brown completed 7 codes in the game to catch up with the game in the game. Tiger line Wei Vents - Vontaze Burfict caused the impact of Brown to help the steel man entered a free kick and was completed.





Brown gave a horses in the routine season of the sect of the season, 18 passed the ball to the brown direction, he completed 16 cents to get 189 yards 2 times, this is the external connection of the wild horse defensive group this season. The best performance in your hand.





Even if the big injured shoulders make him better than our expected performance, this news is a huge blow for the steel person's winning chance. Another external hand Martavis bryant's play completed 5 buses and a high-difficult ball.





Brown showed a powerful ground offensive ability, only 2 minutes, all using the mushroom tactics again, running to Hunter Wuji 10 yards into the terminal area, Brown 35-23 Tiger, Wholesale Jerseys at this time There are still 4 minutes left, the basic end of the competition.





"If I call the shots, I like RG3, I like Josh - McQuarrie," Hayden recently told ESPN. "I think we can certainly rely on them to get good grades. I think we need help on the offensive line. I think we need ... maybe we could pick a pass and hand the impact of a security guard."





The new Orleans, who was originally decided in the king period, was finally launched with the team for 2 years, but this season is likely to be his last season. In the two games in the season, although the Saints won 1 winner, Bris was now tired. This season Brisca, whether it is in a short distance or long distance, all decline in strength and degree. He is currently only 60.6, the professional football focus network this season. For the saints offensive group, the worse problem is that Michael Thomas will continue to lack, while the focus of the snap-of-day will be included in Emmanuel Sanders, still not integrated team. Can Bris's performance in this game be improved? Or is it to further prove that you have been your heart?





Barbert's passing the success rate of only 55.2% in the past three games, completed 3 Deta-Dagua, 3 times were copied, the quarter-branch score was only 68.6, the whole alliance started four-point guard, third, so the outside world Calling for the first voice of Colin Kaepernick's starting. Michael Bennett is one of them, he believes that 49 people can be more excellent under the control of Karenik.





The tiger offensive group immediately made a response, and the 23 yards on the left side of Bolro found near-end C. J. You Zhama (C. J.uzomah) won the first time of the career to reach the first time, Tiger 10-14 Brown.





The twice selected to the Pro Bowl cornerback Brown believes holding the second sign of Josh Brown has - this situation Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) as a quarterback under - McQuarrie (Josh McCown) and Robert Configuring a good position.





Brown this season once again became the best outer hand on the league. Although the team main four-point guard this season because of the injury lack a lot of time, Brown still completed 136 battles to get 1834 yards 10 times.





In addition, the steel man also determines the runaeelo Williams (foot injury) will absence the competition, and the four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger (shoulder) is unable to determine Whether it is played.





Cowboys' DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) is averaging 134 yards rushing the ball will have to face is to understand each other per game rushing the ball only 62 yards in the Seahawks defensive front, the Cowboys they want to beat the Seahawks, the game must be balanced . In the Cowboys plan to take over the foreign Bryant will most of the time on that side of the array of Sherman.





Three British-Thomas Mamara's three-person combination is now only Alvin Kamara. He was passed down 17 times this season, ranked first. In the game competition against the Las Vegas raid, Kamara has advanced 179 yards in the offensive group, and the average of each mushroom advances more than 6 yards. If the Saint needs to be pursued, the data of Kamara will be more beautiful. Packaging Co-works is poor in the season, this is clear that it will be beneficial to Kamara and Saint-Saint-Pink attack. If the state of Bris is still not improved, is the Saint Kama give more opportunities? Is he possible to support the Saint Offense in this game?





Different from Saints, the packaging worker passes the status of this season. Despite the exterior of the top, Davante Adams is likely to be unable to play, but there is no doubt that the package worker has the ability to continue to complete the excellent testing and other pickups. In terms of mushroom attack, the packaging worker running the Aaron Jones has played outstanding this season. He has completed 34 shots to get 234 yards and 3 times, completed 8 times to get 78 yards. 1 time reached. The packaging worker was a team that had passed more than 500 yards in the first two games since 1970, and the ball exceeding 400 yards. The Saint's defensive front line seven people play a quite good, and there is no 40 consecutive regular seven regular games to run the rush to break the hundred code, and they can also effectively apply the opponent quartz. In the second-line defense, the corner Wei Mashon Lattimore is a top corner guard, but the raid attack group in the game will pass to 11 people pass the ball, exposed the second-line defense The weakness, that is, they are difficult to focus on picking hands other than the top hand. Especially if the saints need to focus on the anti-pack of the police offense, will they lose their attention?



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