What is a Cosmic Star Ceiling.

A Cosmic Star Ceiling has a number of great benefits, as each hand painted piece of Art is unique, it can be tailored to your needs. Using specialist techniques and paint manufactured purely to create these amazing illusions on Ceilings and Walls, everything from constellations to deep space images can be applied.

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Recognition & Awards.

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Thank You !

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  StarMakerFX offers a range of sensory items and products that we feel could benefit you or your family.

StarMakerFX creates cosmic star ceilings that are created with Love. Each one of our ceilings is individually hand painted, making each one unique.

Please look through our pages follow us and share with your friends. We intend to add more images, videos and products over time.

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Learn how to become a Star Ceiling Artist

We are more than happy to teach you how to do what we do. We are always looking for people to support our mission statement.

StarMakerFX can train you in the techniques and skills needed to do what we do. Everything from Nebula's and Comets to Gas clouds and Planets.

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Nearly all of our products are manufactured here.

GloMania is not only the manufacturer of our special paints, but they also support  StarMakerFX in making our our mission a reality. "Every child deserves a little piece of HEAVEN". Founded on.....

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How to Sponsor

We are always looking for Sponsors to help create StarMaker Cosmic Star Ceilings. Sponsors can be anyone from the next door neighbor or relation to a Local Church or Corporate company.  There are many ways .

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How to Nominate

Please feel free to nominate a deserving Child or Adult whom you feel would benefit from one of our StarMaker Cosmic Star Ceiling Murals.. Its simple and easy to do, just fill in the forms and tell us why they should ....

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How to Commission a ceiling

Although most of our Cosmic Star ceilings are created for deserving children and Adults, we also  create star ceiling for anyone who would like one installed in their Bedroom, Theater Room, Games Room.


Utah Sandy Journal Newspaper
eBay recognition with Autism Speaks
Mareto’s Ceiling

  • Press Interests.
    Press Stories of interest following Glomania and StarMakerFX.    
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  • Booth Hall Children’s Hospital
    ” I am writing to offer a big ‘thank you’ on behalf of the staff, young children, young people and their families for the wonderful StarMaker paintings you kindly donated.    
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  • Thank You’s
    It is always wonderful when we receive "Thank You's" from some of our newly made friends. To have the recognition that what we are doing
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